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At Summit Strategies, we are truly committed to keeping our clients informed about the payment processing industry and new legislation reforms. Our Information Center contains useful briefs on understanding the merchant processing cycle, common industry pricing structures, understanding chargebacks, and what it takes to become PCI compliant. We offer personal client support with all facets of your merchant processing account from terminal support to assistance with transaction reconciliation.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Credit Card Processor:

1. Processor Experience
Make sure the company is stable. Ask how long they’ve been processing payments. We work with clients in various industries throughout the United States and ensure we team our client with the most appropriate processor to fit our clients' needs. 

2. PCI Compliance
Is your processor provider PCI compliant? Are you aware of the steps you, as a merchant, need to take to achieve and maintain PCI compliance? Summit Strategies understands the importance of PCI compliance in today’s environment and will guide you with our PCI partner, Security Metrics to make sure your business takes the necessary steps to become PCI compliant.

3. Full Transparency
Find out the details of all fees associated with your account ahead of time. Ask for a proposal in writing outlining all the associated fees. There are several common pricing structures in the marketplace including Fixed Rate Plans, Tiered Pricing and Interchange Plus. Plans other than Interchange Plus can become very costly for the Merchant without knowing. Downgrades can apply to Fixed Rate plans and Tiered Pricing is confusing and more profitable for the processor. Summit Strategies takes the time to educate our clients on the pros and cons of each plan and why we ONLY offer Interchange Plus pricing since it is the most transparent pricing available and least expensive for the Merchant.  

4. Easy-to-Read Monthly Statements and E-Statements
Ask for an example of your company’s statement. There are many statement formats in the marketplace and most are too difficult to understand for the Merchant. Summit Strategies chose a statement that provides the client a simple and easy-to-understand monthly statement that clearly outlines the Interchange portion and processing fees. We take great pride in making sure we provide full transparency to our clients. 

5. Client Communication
Do you know who to call with questions about your merchant account? Most of you have experienced that friendly sales person who walked into your business to try and sell you on the lowest rate and didn't take the time to truly understand your business or get to know you. Not at Summit Strategies. We are dedicated to assisting you with filling out your merchant application and project managing your installation to ensure a seamless transition. We continue to build on our relationship throughout our relationship. Our personal technical support is also available 24/7/365.

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