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Summit Strategies Leasing Advisors have performed thousands of creative and successful lease re-negotiations with national, regional and independent tenants. We are helping businesses and property owners everyday succeed by facilitating amicable lease restructurings.


We are confident that we can help your business navigate through your lease issues.

Summit Strategies Advisors:

  • Have Successfully Negotiated Thousands of Leases.

  • Senior Executives in the Leasing Industry are Protecting your Interest.

  • We Have Seen Every Type of Situation Come up Before and Know How to Respond Appropriately.

  • We Fully Understand the Landlord, Lender and Tenant Perspectives.

What is Lease Restructuring?

Lease Restructuring is the process of negotiating new payment or lease terms with existing landlords. The purpose is to facilitate an amicable solution for both the tenant and the landlord in an effort to avoid contentious lawsuits and bankruptcy. 

Summit Strategies alleviates the pressures of trying to resolve complex lease and cash flow issues so that you can focus on what you know best--operating your business!

Does my Company need Lease Restructuring?

Many business owners are experiencing financial stress. Here are some scenarios that would constitute entering into lease restructuring:

  • Having trouble paying your existing rent.

  • Rent-to-sales ratio is greater than 15%.

  • Past due amount continues to grow each month.

  • Already negotiated repayment terms with your landlord, but continue to default.

  • Being contacted by the landlord's collection department or lawsuit was filed.

  • Have too much space and want to downsize or sublet a portion of the space.

Should I Restructure my lease on my own?

Taking on this responsibility is extremely time consuming and requires a high level of negotiating skill and leasing knowledge. Renegotiating rent and lease terms can become uncomfortable and extremely emotional for business owners. Summit Strategies provides retailers, and other commercial tenants, with complete transparency and professional lease restructuring services. While tenants focus on day-to-day business, Summit Strategies focuses on maximizing cash flow while ensuring viable, long-term landlord-tenant relationships.

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