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Summit Strategies

Helps Start, Grow and Improve 

Your Business


Summit Strategies is a leading advisory firm specializing in expense reduction solutions, including credit card processing, revenue enhancement and commercial real estate leasing services. Summit's services and solutions immediately improve cash flow, operational efficiencies and lease value. Our integrated approach to enhancing business performance allows our clients to benefit fully from our in-depth financial, operations, marketing and commercial real estate expertise.


We serve the Hotel and Resort, Entertainment, Retail, Restaurant,

E-commerce, Franchise, Medical and Non-profit industries.

Expense Reduction
Achieve 20-70% Savings Across Multiple Expense Categories
Credit Card Processing Fees
Lease & Rent Restructurings
Business Phone Rates
Deregulated Electric & Gas Supply Rates
Revenue Enhancement
Create Loyalty, Retain Clients and Increase Ancillary Income
ATM Installation & Rev Share
Five Star Loyalty Program
Constant Contact Partner
Summit Strategies
Real Estate Group
Commercial Real Estate Leasing Services
New Site Selection
Lease Restructuring
Lease Renewal Negotiation
Assignment & Subletting


We earn our clients’ trust by building long-term relationships. We fully align ourselves with our clients' goals and objectives to ensure they make well-informed decisions to improve their bottom-line.


Top Industry Ranked Hotel and Resort Owner - $150,000 in Annual Merchant Processing Fee Savings

"Andrew and I built a great relationship right from the start. He was professional, very sincere and authentic, which was a breath of fresh air. Summit Strategies was able to make a major impact on reducing our credit card processing fees and project managed the entire process so the change was seamless. The quality of customer care continues to be outstanding.  He is an integral part of our stabilized and new development project teams for the past 9 years"

Jim O.


Washington, DC

Fine Art Gallery - $7,500 in Annual Merchant Processing Fee Savings


"I met Andrew while he was presenting at the Annapolis Economic Development Corporation’s Small Business Forum. Andrew was selected as an expert by the State of Maryland and Salisbury University to provide consulting services to merchants on Main Street in Annapolis. I was one of the merchants who signed up to meet with Andrew to discuss my business operations. I am now a long-term client. I am so pleased I met with Andrew. Summit Strategies not only provided me with much needed expense savings, but I now have a personal advisor that I can truly rely, on with confidence, that is truly looking out for my best interest"

Cynthia M.


Annapolis, MD

WOW Cafe and Wingery Franchise - $40,000 in Rent Savings from Lease Restructuring

"Andrew Nadler had basically saved our business from closing and going into bankruptcy.  He not only single-handedly worked with our landlord to re-structure our lease rent, but worked with the legal parties as well.  His professionalism, optimism, experience and genuine support has been one of the most positive experiences we have had during a very rough time.  With the help of Andrew and Summit Strategies, we are able to continue to operate our business, keep our staff employed and meet the requirements of our landlord and lease"

Franchise Owner