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Credit Card Processing Fee Savings

and Solutions

Our focus is to provide a high-level of education, integrity and full transparency to business owners to ensure they are able to make sound and informed business decisions. As a company, we only provide low-rate Interchange Plus pricing to our clients: the fairest, least expensive and most transparent pricing for merchants. We commit to offering month-to-month contracts, no application fees, no set up fees, no early cancellation fees, no batch fees, no minimum monthly fees or hidden fees, 24/7 online reporting and personal technical and account management support.

We accept all forms of processing through EMV terminals, virtual terminals, major PMS & POS systems, e-commerce, online payment forms and mobile payments via smartphone or iPad.

Lease and Rent Restructuring Services

Summit Strategies performs creative and successful lease restructurings for tenants by facilitating amicable rent relief negotiations with landlords. We expertly navigate the most challenging lease issues while maintaining positive landlord-tenant relations.

Business Phone and Conference Calling Rate Savings

Summit partners with one of the largest national telecom brokerage operators to optimize your telecom expense. By mixing and matching the services from various carriers, your network can achieve greater functionality, increased resiliency, and reduced cost. Our service and support team provides you with a single interface for all of your carrier relationships, so you receive the benefits of a multi-carrier solution without the complexities.

Deregulated Electric and Gas Supply Rate Savings

As one of the top operating costs for businesses, reducing energy supply (kWh) rates should be an integral part of your overall expense reduction strategy in order to derive a positive impact on your bottom line.


We offer our clients several pricing quotes from energy providers for electric, natural gas and renewable energy products for companies of any size, in every deregulated energy market across the U.S.

To learn more and to receive energy supply rate quotes, please contact us.