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Aa a Constant Contact Selected Business Solutions Provider, Summit Strategies is able to offer considerable discount pricing for Constant Contact Products and Services. We can also manage the entire process for you including email template design, managing your marketing campaign and providing real time analytics, or be your outsourced marketing arm for periodic campaigns or help you self-manage your own email marketing program. 

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It may not always be what you want to hear, but feedback is essential to the success of all organizations.
Summit Strategies has formed a strategic relationship with Blazing Feedback, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Timely Contact, Inc., to provide you with an engaging platform for collecting all sorts of feedback from your customers.


Business Aspects of Lease Negotiations


Understanding your Total Occupancy Cost and having a Healthy Ratio


When is it Appropriate to Initiate a Lease or Rent Restructuring?


What is the Landlords and Tenants Perspectives during a Lease and Rent Restructuring?

Merchant Processing: Understanding the 3 Most Common Industry Pricing Plans.

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